Guest Post by Cathleen Kellerman, Music Teacher

The focus for our Elementary Spring Showcase this year was 'Music of Our Heritage'. Throughout the year we've been learning music from a variety of time periods in our nation’s history.  We studied folk songs from the old west, ragtime music of the early 1900's, traditional spirituals and the birth of rock and roll. Through the diverse styles we are reminded that we have much in common with the creativity, hopes and desires of other generations.  And just as God was faithful to see them through the many challenges they faced, so God will continue to be faithful to his people no matter what the future holds.

As always, it was a huge blessing to see our students join together as a group to create a beautiful performance and to remind us that God is here with us.  I consider it a privilege to work with each of them, and I love to see their growth in character as well as musicianship throughout the year."