One of the most exciting educational opportunities our students have is traveling to Washington D.C. during 8th grade. This trip is the penultimate middle school experience and coincides with their study of U.S. History.

Since Cornerstone Christian Academy is a smaller school, our students often get to see a lot more of the city than other 8th grade tour groups.  We spend a week in D.C. riding the metro, walking, walking and walking some more!   We are able to see all the memorials, the Spy Museum, the White House, the Capitol, Mt.Vernon, Arlington Cemetery, the top of the Washington Monument, the Air and Space Museum, Ford’s Theatre, the Pentagon, Iwo Jima, the Holocaust museum and so much more.  Some years we have taken a day trip to tour Gettysburg, Philadelphia or Williamsburg.

This trip has been instrumental in inspiring many of our students. Some students return with a passion for careers in the military or government service. Over the years the CCA staff has walked alongside students with clear career-paths in mind. The staff has offered both academic and spiritual support. It’s rewarding and exciting to be a part of a school that gives our kids opportunities and avenues to discover their passions and interests, as well as a staff that really shares in the goals and dreams of our kids!